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After that was History. I really liked it, but the vibrating pockets move was kinda disappointing because THERE WERE NO POCKETS and they looked kinda lame just flapping their hands at their waists lolol. Introductions were adorable. Tao said ‘Wo ai ni men wo ai SMTOWN,’ (I love you all I love SMTOWN) rather hesitantly squishes and Baekhyun is so much cuter in real life lol. Suho stumbled lol and forgot his intro, repeated ‘I’m Exo …’ twice and then continued with his ‘I’m Exo-K’s leader’ line lolol. Kai’s turn had feedback cause of the rain and it was so cute he got shocked at it. Kyungsoo had his crazy eyes yelling ‘I love Singapore’ and Chanyeol *who has REALLY PRETTY HAIR) said ‘I love Singapore’ in both English and Chinese. Kris acknowledged the people at the back OMG I LOVE HIS VOICE and Suho said that he has always dreamt about coming to SG. MAMA was much more popular than History was and EXO M started the song :D So everything was swapped, like the positions and everything M took lead and we sang the Chinese version in the end except the Korean :D I LIKE. Chanyeol waved in the middle of his part like what the hell Chanyeol haha.

I missed a bit of Only One especially Sehun’s solo because it started raining again and I had to put on my poncho lmao. The rain was just getting heavier and heavier so the bitterness just sort of went away cause I had more important things to do hahaha.

Suho was cute too omg he looks adorable. I LIKE HIS SMILE (PSST ANNA) Tao came by and drew a heart and gave it to us before giving us many many kisses!. Kris came by too in a retarded Santa’s hat AND KRIS JUDGED TAO AND WAS PICKING AT HIS HAIR OR SOMETHING AND THEN THEY HUGGED IN FRONT OF ME DIES. [Cr: thegreatmingdynasty] *Omitted the non EXO related parts.

‎[FAN ACCOUNT] 121124 LAY's slips SMTOWN SG

"During SMTOWN EXO's first song History, he fell down hard and immediately pulled back up to continue dancing. During the second song MAMA he slipped a little bit, both his hands were on his leg as if he couldn't support it. I thought he would let up a little during the dance break, but since he was in the front he still had to give it his all. However, on the fastest dance step, he slid again. His legs seemed heavy and though he was careful, he didn't let up on the dance. Suddenly, I felt really sorry for this hardworking and stumbling boy." [Cr: weibo 瘋_Yoyo || Translated by: xiaoyu || Please take out with full credits]

‎[FAN ACCOUNTS] 121123 Slipping at SMTOWN SG

"Last night at SMTOWN, Xingxing (LAY), Fanfan (KRIS), TAO all slipped and fell. LU HAN also slid. It's foolish to make them all get hurt this way." [Cr: 鹿晗是安琪的Style-0420-曼联]

"During Hot Summer, Luna slipped and fell, and Amber looked at Krystal with shock." [Cr: 善歌怜舞Luna中文首站]

"Tonight at SMTOWN Singapore idols were slipping in all sorts of ways. It seems that SNSD started slipping during a move in The Boys." [Cr: 大爱少时的竹仔]

"The idols were very hardworking tonight under such substantial rain. There were various falls and injuries. It looked very difficult on them." [Cr: Superjunior动感小豆腐]
Translated by: xiaoyu

[FANACCOUNT][121123 SMTOWN Singapore]

During the ending Luhan poured water on Kai and Kai hugged him from the back, picked him up and spun him around [Cr: ddokjae]

*Small note: ‎

"Attention all EXO fans! Please, everyone, do not pressure EXO to come back too quickly anymore. XingXing (LAY) hurt his waist/back and had to crouch down, let's have some pity and tenderness instead, okay? Don't make them feel that they have no time to recover!! (Please share with fellow fans!)" [Cr: EXO官网后援会 || Translated by: xiaoyu || Please take out with full credits]

(Compiled by: ♔PrinceWuFan @ CODE:EXO),EXOdicted.blogspot.com

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