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121208 Urutan Lagu yang dibawakan 2PM Pada Konser WTII di Jakarta

1st song: I’ll Be Back
2nd song: I Was Crazy Over You
3rd song: I HATE YOU

Talk: They said “Selamat Malam,Kami 2PM” (Good night, we are 2PM) in Bahas
a. Then, they’re introducing themselves one by one
4th song: Give It To Me
5th song: Even If You Leave Me
6th song: CHANSUNG solo performance!! He’s singing ‘Love You Down’
7th song: Junho’s solo performance now! He is singing ‘Just A Feeling’ During Junho solo performance, he played a drum band
8th song: 2PM is back with ‘Heartbeat’
9th song: Again & Again
10th song: Back 2 U
11th song: Our sexy man Jang Woo Young with ‘Sexy Lady’
12th song: After Wooyoung – Sexy Lady, next is Ok Taecyeon – It’s Time
Talking session: Jakarta is VERY HOT. They’re asking us about members’ solo performance
They have trained so hard for months to make members’ solo performance perfect! Just for HOTTESTs!
Oh my! 2PM sang ‘Satu Satu Aku Sayang Ibu’ (an Indonesian traditional song). So cute!!
13th song: Without You
14th song: Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
15th song: I Can’t
16th song: Only You
17th song: I Don’t Know
18th song: Thai prince NICHKHUN solo performance! He’s singing ‘Let It Rain’
19th song: MINJUN ! The title is ‘Just One Night’
20th song: Like A Movie,
21st: I’m your man
Last songs: i’ll be back (rock version) & hands up (remix)
Via Sundaymandarin

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