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[[TRANS] 121227 SBS Gayo Daejun Recording Fanaccount]

Kai was wearing a black shirt or something and Yixing was wearing a black jacket. When the music stopped, Kai kept on practicing the dance moves while Yixing was stoning in the his usual JPG mode. Yixing was listening very obediently. The rest of the dancers were back on stage so these Yixing went up as well. After finding Kai, both of them ran to the back of the props area and sort of “hid” there. But the rest of the idols have already gone off stage. They went down only after realising.

The boys were the second to record. And they recorded 4 times. 2 times for the both of them together, and their individual recordings. Kai was standing in front of Yixing, scrunching his nose, smirking, biting his lips. While Yixing was really focused on the dance.

After the 4th recording, the boys looked like kids as the clapped and went off stage. During the 3rd recording, Yixing patted Kai’s back. Their moves were powerful. And during the middle, there was a move that was really sexy.

While they were resting, all of the dancers went on stage to perform for the fans. It wasn’t a recording but they still danced to their fullest abilities. During Taemin’s solo dance, Kai and Yunho danced along. And during Yixing and Kai’s time, Yunho and Donghae were dancing along.


When Kai was coming down from the stage, he ran all the way to Yunho and started asking about the moves. Then he went back up the stage and confirmed his moves. Yunho then patted Kai’s shoulders encouragingly.

There’s also once, when they were going up the stage, Donghae was seen hugging Kai’s waist, and even grabbed Kai’s hands to wave to EXO fans. Kai waved, bowed and also made a peace sign.

There was one time when Kai was rubbing his waist when he walked up the stage.

When coming down from the stage, Yixing and Donghae were holding hands.

Yixing and Kai were dancing and singing to the part where there was lyrics.

Yixing took off his jacket because it was too hot, but then he wore it back when he had to go up stage. He waved and bowed to the fans when they called out his name.

cr: here

translated by: hyunhunhan | http://twitter.com/ohbaeks

Also, Baekhyun, Sehun. D.O. and seems like Kai as well were also spotted going to cinema :)


@ELF_thougts: (tweets)
When Donghae backflipped his t-shirt went up up up. Excited to see this (cr holykrisus)
SBS Pre-rec: Hyuk was always telling everyone what to do, how to move. Like a boss (cr holykrisus)
[fanacc] 121226 They called for EXO but they didnt come on stage lol then Yixing run jumped onstage (CR:  twomoans)
collab is a dance stage. Donghae’s prop is a handkerchief and Eunhyuk’s prop is a metal rod like thing. (Cr lovechokyulate)
SBS Gayo collab pre-recording: Donghae had a cross tattoo art on his neck (cr holykrisus)

Eunhae pre-recording SMTown collab at SBS Gayo Daejun with SHINee Taemin Minho, TVXQ Yunho, EXO Kai Lay. Dancers ^^ (cr monguse_)

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