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  • Kim Hyun Joong’s Flight with Garuda indonesia GA214 will arrive at Adi Sucipto Airport Jogja, Indonesia from Soekarno-hatta intl ap
  • Heard news hyun joong has arrived safely in Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta international airport for transit and will continue to Yogyakarta
  • Barefoot Friend Cast will filming at Malioboro at 9PM [Yogyakarta time] same as JKT time cr
  • Possible arrival time of KHJ in Adisutjiptu Airport in Yogyakarta is around 6pm local time or 8pm KST. Indonesia~Give HJ a warm welcome!
  • Fans are getting crowded at Jogja Airport, Indonesia

Credit:   Etry Angrianur Tende  kondisi adisudjipto yogyakatya

Barefoot Friend Cast will filming at Malioboro at 21.00 PM ^_^ cr ‏ cr Rafenska Lalumba for photo

  • Thanx Marcia!! :D RT He said with our friend Marcia eonnie that he’ll held a concert in Indonesia next time! cc
  • This is the map of Yogyakarta in central Java.Kim Hyun Joong will go there for Barefoot Friends shooting
  • Malioboro is a famous traditional market in Yogyakarta. We can find many traditional goodies there. Can’t wait for the shooting there. :)
  • Kim Hyun Joong arrival @ Indonesia cr:HENECIA_INA

Credit: KimHyunJoongThailand

  • Met Kim Hyun Joong. Coincidence :p
  • KHJ smiled at me. No, he smiled at my milky moo phone case. Embarrassing moment.

  • There no local team, I guess.. since they will fly directly to Jogja. Kim Hyun Joong was standing alone, away from Kang Ho Dong or AS Uee.

  • There no local team, I guess.. since they will fly directly to Jogja. Kim Hyun Joong was standing alone, away from Kang Ho Dong or AS Uee.
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  • Here’s a pic from Marcia eonnie send with Whatssapp that she has talking with Hyun Joong!!!

  • RT : Thank you for coming! Barefoot Friends will arrive soon at Adi Sucipto Airport ^_^
  • Marcia eonnie said Hyun Joong get on a boarding now!! He looked at her t-shirt and smile to her!!! hahahaaa
  • Marcia send me whatssapp again!!! Seriously!! She said “Hyun Joong while enjoying Indonesian food today”!!!!

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  • Airport staff said KHJ’s name is in flight GA216 and will arrive at 7.45 pm (jogja time). I hope It’s true
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  • KHJ did not take flight GA214. Seems like they took the later flight which will depart 6:25pm and arrive Yogyakarta at 7:45pm
  • still waiting

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  • HJ has arrived at Yogyakarta. Sugeng rawuh (welcome in Javanese language) , Hyun Joong ssi !!! :)
  • Kim Hyun Joong has landed safely, will go throught domestic gate. Now the crew pick up the luggage. cr
  • RT @Runners_JKT: [HOT ISSUE] All Of Barefoot Friends Member Cast & Crew Are Check In To ROYAL AMBARUKMO HOTEL Via Traveller Indo | Ini baru sebatas issue
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  • Hahahahha KHJ 김현중was really close to me last night, although i kept looking for UEE…. a lil bit dark sorry
  • KHJ 김현중 last night filming, his mission was looking for Nasi Goreng 볶음밥..

Hyun Joong in store K. 24 hours by Henny Ermawat
Credit: Selfia R. Puspita
Kim Hyun Joong last night @ Malioboro | Isn’t it so close?? >_<
DAY 2 1st Part
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  • - I read fanacc from @triplechangjo some fans meet Leader this morning, nothing wrong w his face :) no scar or anything else
  • some fans who helped leader’s mission this morning got a hug from him ^^”
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  • KHJ’s so popular in Indonesia,Jogja. Henecia Indonesia tried to protect him but too many non-fans crowded around him.
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  • Morning. Since the fans are really over excited for the filming last night. So, we really sorry not tell u abt the filming location
  • Please support Barefoot Friends team who will filming since this morning. I’ll update what’s going on when they filming later~
  • The filming location of Barefoot Friends team is unpredictable. They can change the location suddenly.
  • This morning KHJ’s fine and feel better I think. we know we love him and will keep him safely, support the filming :)
  • The casts are having breakfast~ Enjoy ur meal ~^^
  • The casts is out from the restaurant. HJ’s wearing white green t-shirt & a cap. Oh so a fresh man!
  • HJ’s waving to us~ aaahhh so kind uri King ~^^
  • Good job Henecia & TripleS. When HJ’s out from restaurant they keep calm and not make some noices! Just waving our hand :)
  • Actually, if the fans are more calmly last night for welcoming Barefoot Friends team. They will allow us to watch near them.
  • But, last night the fans are over excited and make some casts scared that’s why they’re filming secretly~
  • But I know the fans really get more excited because it’s the first time many Korean artist shoot for a variety show in Jogja :)

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  • Hyun Joong already wore “Batik” traditional clothes too in Indonesia and really cute.. RT @mrs_uzoosin6686: Hyun joong mengenakan kain batik hahaha sangat lucu..
    terlihat sedikit lelah tapi tetap ganteng
  • All of Hyun Joong fans there still protect and support him..
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  • some fans who helped leader’s mission this morning got a hug from
  • HJL & BarefootFriends initially sluggish timeout breakfast ‘laughing with Members, Staff, Crew, Fans, Community fresh again cr: Runners_JKT
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  • [UPDATE] So far filming today is well ^^ about 50 person stalk barefoot friends team and mostly is Hyun Joong’s fans^^
  • ^^RT: The casts and staffs have arrived in next filming location~”
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Credit:  130427 hyunjoong oppa after breakfast. So handsome in real life.
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  • : Todays filming are really good, 50 fans stalking BFF in one place in Giwangan (I will not inform you exactly the place)”
  • : All Barefoot Friends had arrived safely at the next location. All members wear baselayer & cap Because Yogya this afternoon HOT
  • This morning, Hyun Joong at Giwangan market. There was a lucky fan handshake with him and joined BFF filming
  • Now member and crew are resting. Bcs Jogja is so hot..
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  • Barefoot Friends Lunch was at the Restaurant / RM Padang d around Giwangan. Timeout was divided 2 bus.randomize the location (@ Runners_JKT)
Photos Credit: Q-yunA

Credit as Tagged
DAY 2 snd Part

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  • Hj is filming in village house at kasongan but they only talking and relax… Cr @ vickzara
  • : it’s raining in Jogja now, cuz or Uri Rain-called-idol Kim Hyun Joong. ^^
  • : Bec of HJ’s presence!! God of Rain RT : Heavy Rain in Yogyakarta~!!”
  • Hyun Joong is eating bakso (Indonesian meatball) in Bakso ITO at Mataram Street (via , )”
  • : This is Bakso ITO, the one HJ ate at Mataram Street ^^ thanks google :p

  • RT: seriously, it made me laugh when HJ said : nasi bakareu. lol”
  • RT: They’re done with filming at bakso ito”
  • RT”: : Barefoot friends at bakso ITO
Barefoot friends at bakso ITO now http://twitter.yfrog.com/odnucjrj
  • RT : Yoon shi hyun is waving from the van ,they’re leaving now
  • : it is said that they are not just eat bakso there, but for missions too”

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  • It’s raining so hard here. They have arrived at the next filming location~
  • I am at one of filming location and Hyun Joong isn’t here~ some said they are divided. One bus for one member. But still don’t know yet~
  •  @930 PM:  The members are divided into a few team for the mission tonight~
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  • @930PM 26 celcius weather tonight in yogya. BFF seems to cast+ crew will not feel so hot will enjoy for the next shooting event
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  • Hyun Joong syuting di Tempat makan Baso … And Rainy in jogja .. God of rain here.
  • Can’t take many pict .. so crowded .. but he’s so Handsome !! Really !!”
  • wrong infomation … aigoo~~~
  • Lets find him !! Go !!!
  • we are you HJ-ssi ??? we loss you again!!
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  • Hj was filming in village house at kasongan but they only talking and relax
  • jogja is raining so hard.. because god of rain at jogja now… LOL
  • It’s very late to wash motorcycle…i hope he feel warm indo not cool at all even in the night we r sweating without AC
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  • The weather in Yogyakarta is still hot but still peaceful and calmly…
  • 1025PM:  Seems Hyun Joong really enjoyed in Jogja and we’re so happy for it, he already dissapear from another fans who wanna watch him… Get enjoyed Hyun Joong ssi, Jogja is a beautiful city in Indonesia.. :)
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  • Hyun joong stil working now^^ and our member give him a mineral water. So lucky for her… can touch his hand and got HJ killer smile ^^
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  • (Info) Barefoot friends Hyun Joong not eating bakso (Indonesian meatball) in Bakso ITO at Mataram Street but he stay in hotel cr:
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  • HJL still out side there ㅋㅋㅋ all rumour n all crews already disappear with groups for hang out. some walks some use cars.
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  • Hyun Joong and UEE are washing a motorcycle at Krapyak (via )
Photo Credit: 
Credit:  henecia_jogja
Credit: @ patigenie
  • Crowded in the filming location
  • The team doing their mission

  • Inside
  • It’s a bit hard to stalk them today bc of their unexpected schedule
  • My friend got handshake and long eye contact from KHJ last night bc she’s not shouting or disturbing the filming so oppa is being nice
Credit:    Kim Hyun Joong in Kasongan, a bitdifferent?

Credit:  @lianayudo
Credit:    Henecia_Indo
Credit:  KHJ get off the bus (2) @ Sentanan, Kasongan
Photos Credit: 
  • Handsome Hyun Joong~!! at Krapyak tonight where he washed the motorcycle
  • Cute Hyun Joong (without a cap) going to eat bakso :D (cr: )
  • oppa hyun joong lagi makan baksoo cc:
Credit:  @meutiyud
Credit moonchu_
Credit:  @Adhisyrahma
Credit:  @chandraayuf
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